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RAF back in force in Lincolnshire

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Recent reviews of our defence capability has meant that the main operational centre at Waddington is now doubling in manpower and the nearby RAF Cranwell training base likewise. Other bases are closing around the country. This means that the RAF which started at Cranwell in 1917 will be substantially relocated to its birthplace.

If you are coming to Lincolnshire over the next few months it is worth a visit to the International Bomber Command Centre on the edge of Lincoln. (Photo above from the South Common of Lincoln viewing the 'wing' above the pony). This was officially opened last year on a bitterly cold April day, with 100 Wolrd War 2 veterans from around the world being wrapped up in blankets for the opening ceremony. This monument to the 55,000 bomber air crew who lost their lives also has a visitor centre. However, outside, the grounds have been laid out in an interesting fashion. A lime tree has been planted strategically at each location where there was an airfield on a garden sized map of the airfields of the county. There were over 60 of them in Lincolnshire in 1945.


Published by Charles Overton at May 5, 2019, 8:34 am

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